Frequently ANSWERED Questions (FAQs)

Jon and his horn

When did G’Knight Ride get its start?

We started with a dream of getting together 200-300 people for a Big Bike Thing, back in 2011. Back then Bike Nights averaged just 25-50 people each Wednesday. We pitched it to the guys at Oskar Blues as our sponsor – and their response was “Hell Yeah!”  That first year in Prospect New Town neighborhood we had 1,100 awesome people come out and had an awesome time. Woo Hoo!

Is G’Knight Ride a fundraiser?

Yes, but..: Net proceeds of the event go to Bicycle Longmont, the area non-profit bike advocacy organization (think an early version of Boulder’s Community Cycles or Fort Collins’ Bike Co-Op). We use the funds to help make the Kids Holiday Bike Program awesome, but have also funded cool stuff, like bike repair stations along the Greenways.

We don't raise a lot of net funds from this event, and have come to realize that events are a really ough way to raise money if you also want the event to be super awesome.  So we spend a little too much in the fun, but we think in the end it is a great mix.  We'd rather see everyone have a great time and be stoked to ride the rest of the year instead of making a few extra bucks.

Why does G’Knight Ride cost like 30 bucks?

Believe it or not, but G’Knight Ride costs a TON of money to put on. This is why a lot of bike events like Tour de Fat Denver, the Moonlight Classic, and Boulder Nites Classic no longer have bike parades or a Ride portion (or stopped existing entirely). The cost of police support and traffic controls for G’Knight Ride make up almost HALF the overall cost of the event. Add to those, other fun costs like permits and insurance. Adulting can be expensive. But then again a movie ticket is like 15 bucks now, and this is WAY more fun!

Do People Dress Up?

Oh yeah, definitely! Costumes are encouraged! Have fun, and be whatever or whomever you’d like to be! Or don’t – there is no requirement to do so. This year we are having a costume and bike decorating contest judged by Firehouse Art Center, complete with sweet prizes!

Is G’Knight Ride a Race?

…  …. Sorry – it took us a minute to recover from that question.  No, it is a SLOW RIDE bicycle festival – take your time – meet people, stop at the official (and even unofficial) stops and have a great time.  If you are racing the Ride Route you are doing it wrong!

Do I have to Own a Cruiser Bike?

Uh, no.  All bikes except those powered by gasoline are welcome.  E-bikers, please keep it slow.  We have road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, cruiser bikes, beach bikes, cargo bikes, unicycles, tricycles, quadcycles, tallbikes, lowriders, single speeds, three speeds, penny farthings, bikes built for two, bikes built for three, bikes that pull trailers, strider bikes, and even skateboards, big wheels (Hi-Rollers) and razer scooters!

Jason and son fistbumping

Is G’Knight Ride a Family-Friendly Event?

G’Knight Ride IS a family event! Kids 5 and under are free, however, a ticket must still be obtained for each child for our insurance overlords. 

Can I Bring My Pet (animal type here)?

Yes, but they MUST be chill. No attack animals or fire ants. It is a long day that can be hot and not necessarily fun for all animals. They CANNOT run along beside you on the Ride – put them in yer basket or in a Burley if you must. If your animal scares people or isn’t being cool, we will have to ask you to leave with them, and that wouldn’t be fun.

Weather Policy

Rain or shine, the Ride will go on! Just bring rain gear if it looks like it is needed. Or not.

Prohibited Items We Can Think Of:

- Bad attitudes

- No outside beer, liquor, etc.

- No weapons or anything that can be turned into a weapon.

- Angry animals

Money Policy

Both cash and credit cards will be accepted at G’Knight Ride.

Emergency Services / Safety

Always there, not often used, G’Knight Ride has a standby ambulance on hand that will also serve for smaller cuts and scrapes at the medical tent. 

We often see accidents from those that are doing something dumb – big kids in the bounce house, riding too fast or looking backward, or getting dehydrated.