Ride Map

Come Ride with Us!

G'Knight Ride features 3 Rides that are perfect for cruisers of all ages and abilities.

This year's G'Knight Ride is a 12 mile, mostly flat ride from Roosevelt Park south to Oskar Blues Brewery and back.  We have a LOT of stops out along the Route to keep it fun!


The 5.5 mile Short Cut route follows the G'Knight Ride Route to Shoes & Brews along the St Vrain Greenway, then shortcuts over to the G'Knight Ride Route again on 1st Ave.  A fun Route that still has lots of stops. 

The Micro Route is perfect for our little legged riders.  Measuring only abou 3/4 of a mile, Riders take off with all the other riders, but quickly get back to the Park.  

Many parents then throw their aspiring Tejays into their Burleys, and ride out the start again to do the 5 or 12 mile Routes.

Stopping is Half the Fun!

G'Knight Ride is all about having fun while being out on yer bike.  It isn't a race by any means.  Stop anywhere you'd like along the way!

Official Route Stops are built into the Ride Routes and you will find them on the map.  There are a lot of businesses with specials and freebies looking for you to swing by!  Be sure to check them out.